Embed company logos!

This logo API offers easy use of company logos by using their domain name.
No need to manage your clients logos ever again.



Very easy to use by adding an IMG tag with the company domain name e.g.

<img src="">

cache is king

Every requested logo is cached for 7 days. This means that all requests after the very first one, are very quick.

specify size

You can specify desired size in pixels. If the source image is bigger than the requested size it will be resized. Default size is 128.

<img src="">


It is possible to get the company logo i grayscale. Just add & set the grayscale-parameter to true. Default is false.

<img src="">


The default format of the company logo is PNG but you can easy switch to JPEG by adding & setting the format-parameter to jpg. Default is PNG.

<img src="">

No Image found?

Sometimes it is not possible to find a logo and image requests will return with a 404 http-response code. Use the onerror event to replace the image with a default of your choosing instead of showing broken images.